Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Indie = Independent

My jewelry pal who reads this blog wrote to me this morning asking (in reference to my masthead), "what is an indie jeweler? - i have looked it up everywhere i could think of and i finally (yes, almost a year later) have decided to swallow my pride and ask!"

I figured she's probably not the only one wondering (Hi, Dad!), so I went to my trusty source for pop culture information for a definition:
The term indie is short for "independent" and refers to artistic creations outside the commercial mainstream, without the support of a major record label, major movie studio, or other source of a large budget.

Perhaps you like my jewelry but otherwise shop on Amazon or Red Envelope for unique gifts and cool stuff. There are a host of websites supporting other independent artists like me, like indieshopping.com, indiedesignerlabels.com, ibuydiy.com, craftrevolution.com, etsy.com. They have a lot more than hand-screened skull t-shirts, kitschy belts, and knitted napkin rings.

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