Sunday, November 12, 2006


I had a free Saturday, which is unusual and precious, so Steve and Riley and I piled in the car for a drive. It was another warm day for November and the last of the leaves were clinging to the trees. We decided to drive around beautiful, rural northeastern Maryland and finish up at Wegmans in Hunt Valley. For those of you who think Wegmans is just another grocery store, you should visit one and grab a coffee while you peruse items they have like pickled kumquats, truffle mushrooms in a locked case, and bulk candy (Steve's favorite). Here is a photo of HALF of the olive bar. There is also a bruschetta bar, and all this is next to the cheese shop with hundreds of varieties to choose from. (Yes, Riley was in the car!) And there's the pastry shop with fruit tarts and the fish and meat counters with... I digress... We used to live 5 minutes away from the Wegmans in State College, PA and sometimes we'd go just to walk around. Now the closest one is about an hour away. Steve grew up near Rochester where every town has one, so I'm sure his parents think it's a little weird that we always go to the grocery store when visiting.

The weather today was pretty gloomy, good for watching football so that's what we did. Or at least what Steve and Aaron did while Becky and I tried not to interrupt.

Oh, and kill the fatted calf because I found my swirl stamp.

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