Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gourmet on the Go

I've talked about this place before, but I have to say again what a fan I am of meal assembly places. Yes, I have the intelligence to read a cookbook and shop for groceries. No, I am not inclined to do this, so we end up eating out a lot. A great compromise is for me to spend an hour or two each month assembling meals to put in the freezer. Then I just put a meal in the fridge the night before we want to eat it, and cook it in 30 minutes the next night. The best part? Steve often does the cooking because he's hungry and I can't turn off my work brain. My mom and I just split a 12-meal package, which came out to $11 per 2-3 portion dinner. That's what I'm talking about.

Oh, and don't tell Steve that food is now invading the freezer part of the beer fridge. I know that's a near-violation of Man Law #73, but the fridge is in the basement and not the garage so it is acceptable.