Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pilot's Thanksgiving

My brother and his family are in town this weekend, which is really special because we don't get to see them very much. It finally stopped raining yesterday, so my mom made oatmeal pancakes and then we went for a walk. My nephew Travis had a blast! The leaves have really turned and I'm loving how the valley is beautiful in any direction you look.

We continued to work on the master bathroom project yesterday, including the removal of the big, brass light fixtures. We intended to replace them with smaller fixtures in brushed nickel, but the brass came off the wall and we were looking at wires sticking out of drywall holes that would need to be moved. So we opted for Plan B: spray-paint the brass and reinstall. Again, not our first choice but the lesser of the two evils (and the guys did a great job with the paint).

Last night was game night: potluck and Pictionary with our Cornerstone group, plus Penn State and the world series on TV. I made pumpkin soup for the first time and, well, it tastes like it sounds. The best part was breaking out my immersion blender for the season; it sure beats pouring hot soup into a blender.

Tom is an airline pilot, which means he doesn't get to be home for the holidays, so we've adopted a tradition of feasting whenever he and Jen can come for a visit. Today we stuffed ourselves on Thanksgiving dinner, then sat around and watched football and home improvement shows, so it felt like the real thing (minus John Madden's 6-leg turkey).